Father’s Day Gift Guide

Father’s Day is just a short time away, and while dad may be a bit easier to shop for than mom , one may still be at a loss on what to get. No fret, I’ve taken some time and put together a Father’s Day Gift Guide. I hope this helps.


  1. Dollar Shave Club – Give dad the gift of a clean shaven face. Dollar shave club offers a low cost monthly raizor subscription that you can purchase and have sent directly to dad as a gift. There are also shaving creams etc. that you can add onto the order.

Dollar shave club


2.  Homemade Gin Kit – I don’t know about anyone else’s dad , but my dad would love this homemade gin kit from huckberry. It comes with all dad needs to turn a generic bottle of gin into his own special creation. $44.98

gin making kit

3. Mr. Bar-b-Q Barbecue Set -Every dad thinks — I mean knows that he’s the best on the grill. He’d surely love a new set of tools in a fancy carrying case. This set contains 18 pieces. $17.99

barbeque set


4. Engraved Hammer – This engraved hammer is awesome. The store Personalized Gifts on amazon has a ton of different messages on hammers. Any dad would love these. $39.99

engraved hammer


5. Whiskey appreciation crate –  Dad will love this whiskey appreciation crate from man crates , the crate includes personalized whiskey decanter, 2 personalized heavy bottom rock glasses, 2 ice spear molds, 2 coasters, spiced peppercorn peanuts, salted pistachios and cranberry pecans. Oh yea , they include the crowbar too. $149.99

whiskey appreciation crate


6. Car Care Kit – For the dad that’s always fawning over his car , he’ll appreciate this full car care kit from amazon. $55.00

car care kit

Have anything to add? Please comment below your ideas, I hoped this has helped anyone who may be stumped.

What to do with your child’s Art Work

Day after Day your child comes home from school with loads of artwork in their book bag. 9 times out of 10 that art work makes it’s way to the home art gallery a.k.a. the refrigerator. But let’s face it no refrigerator is THAT big, so yea there’s some artwork that gets secretly thrown out but then there’s also the art work that’s so good it reminds you of a young Picasso. These are the pieces that are way to good to be thrown out or stuck in a drawer never to be seen again. Turns out there are some pretty cool things that can be done with this art I’ve put together a list to help when you need to know What to do with your child’s Art Work.


  1. Budsies : With Budsies you can turn your childs’ artwork into a soft plush toy that they are sure to treasure.



2. NowThatsPersonal : This etsy shop turns your childs’ artwork into a pendant that you can wear around your neck or use it as a keychain.

artwork pendant


3. Simply Create Kids : Why not display several pieces of their artwork in one big masterpiece. Send in pictures of artwork and Simply Create Kids will make it a masterpiece.



4. PlumPrint : This company will take several of your childs creations and make them into a book, the awesome thing about this service is that it’s not just limited to drawings and paintings, you can send in clay art, projects and more. You just send in the work and they’ll do the rest. If you want the artwork back they will send it back with your book.



5. Brevity Jewelry : You know those little stick figures or wacky looking people your child draws? Well Brevity will turn those drawings into an awesome necklace. What better way to show off their skills?

brevity jewelry

6. FormiaDesign : This etsy shop will turn their artwork into a nice keychain that you can take with you wherever you go.

keycahin artwork

These are just a few great ideas I’ve found. Please share if you have any ideas!



Tips and Hacks for Roadtrips with Kids


There used to be a time when the mention of a road trip had me rushing to pack a bag , grabbing a few snacks from the convenience store and declaring ‘not it’ as the first one to drive. Those were the times when a road trip meant excitement and time to goof off with my friends on the open road. But now , the mention of a road trip makes me nervous. While I know I would have a good time with my family once we get to our destination , it’s the trip there that I’m uneasy about. Let me explain …

I have a 3 year old that can not stand her car seat for long periods of time. I think it makes her feel restrained , or it could be the fact that no one else sitting in a car seat that she doesn’t like. Also she’s freshly potty trained so I know with a lengthy trip there may be the possibility of accidents.

Then, there’s my 8 year old. He’s not a kid that likes to go on a twenty minute ride let alone a several hour trip. I can just imagine all of the “are we there yets” I’ll be bombarded with.

So with all of the anxiety building up I decided that I would start to compile some info on little hacks and tips I could use to make this road trip less stressful for me and more enjoyable for the little ones. With summer break sneaking up rapidly I figured this would be perfect to share. Let’s begin shall we? Tips and Hacks for Roadtrips with Kids


Of course during a long ride kids are going to get bored. This “Travel Kit Binder” from Living Well Mom, with free printables is perfect to keep them busy!



Use a Car Seat Organizer with a tablet holder so that the kids can watch a movie (or toy videos on youtube) hands free.


I saw this on buzzfeed , Shower caddies with suction cups to place on the child’s window to hold crayon, pencils, etc.



Use an in car cooler , keep it between the kids and store with juice , fruit. etc.


Use a Cereal dispenser as a little trash can for the car.



For more activities for the kids , as well as the whole family. Try this road trip adventure in a box kit.



Be sure that you have some helpful apps downloaded such as…


  1. Google Maps – This is perhaps the most important app in my opinion, sometimes car GPS goes haywire and this app could be a handy backup. Also to be completely safe , take a paper map as well.
  2. Gas Buddy – who doesn’t want to save money? This app will help you locate the cheapest gas prices in your current area.
  3. Sit or Squat – This app curated by Charmin (as in the toilet paper) it helps you locate bathrooms around you and they’re color coded. Red= you probably don’t want to use this restroom. Green= you’re good to go.
  4. wifi finder – This app will help you locate a wifi connection nearby.
  5. iExit-This app finds you on the interstate and shows you what lies at the exits ahead you don’t have to search for signs on the side of the road anymore! This app also offers real time gas prices.
  6. Netflix – For the kids or any other passengers who want to watch a movie or t.v. show while on the road.
  7. Starbucks – to refuel , you’ll need to find a nearby starbucks.
  8. Audible – This app is from Amazon, it allows you to download audio books for your listening pleasure while on the road. You can try audible and get two free audio books. Just download the app, load your audio book plug in your device and listen. Kids book are available as well. If your car does not have an audio port jack you’ll need an adapter.

I hope these hacks and tips are helpful. If you have any helpful tips please comment below!



7 ways to save money at Target

Okay , so we all love shopping at Target , and let’s be honest we’ve all done major damage and spent too much in a single trip. If you’re like me and like the quality of Target’s products but also want to save , this post is for you. Here’s 7 ways to save money at Target.


  1. Cartwheel App : The Cartwheel App allows you to collect deals on products that are not advertised in the store, meaning you can only get those deals with your Cartwheel App. Once you’ve added all desired items to your list on cartwheel take your items to the register and have the cashier scan your bar code. Voila! Instant savings.



2. Target RedCard : With the Target REDCard you’re guaranteed to save on each and every purchase with a 5% discount when you use your card in stores. In addition, when you order on Target.com  using your REDcard you also get free shipping. If you don’t think you’ll qualify for the credit card or you simply don’t want a credit card there is also a debit card as well. The REDcard debit card has all of the same perks as the credit except it’s linked directly to your checking account.



3. Target Dollar Spot : The Dollar Spot is usually located at the front of the store and always has the coolest little nick knacks usually between $1-$3 , those items go on clearance as well with prices as low as .50 cents.



4. Target Price Match Guarantee : Target has recently revamped their Price Match policy and accept price matches from over 29 different retailers. They price match both online and in store. The best part is you can have your price matched for an item up to 14 days after you’ve purchased it, and that people is good service. Just be sure to take in proof of the price from the competitor.



5. Sign up for Mobile Coupons : Grab your phone and text OFFERS to 827438 and start receiving coupons via text message. Just show the text to your cashier upon checkout and she’ll scan the coupon so that you can receive your savings. Also for more baby related deals text BABY to 827438. The best part about receiving the mobile coupons is that you can use those and STILL use your deals from Cartwheel.



6. Sign up for your Wedding, Baby or College Registry : Sign up for a Wedding, Baby, or even College Registry and receive two 15% off coupons. You can even receive free gifts from some top brands! target Registries


7. Know which day to Shop : Target has certain days where they mark down  certain departments. For example : On Monday’s your local Target may place items in the baby, Grocery, and Shoe department on Clearance, and then on Wednesday , Kid’s Clothing, Electronics, and toys go on clearance. Be aware though that different locations have different mark down days for different departments so it’s wise to check in with your local Target on those markdown days.


And there’s all of the 7 ways to save money at Target that I know. If you have any additional tips please share!

D.I.Y. Skin Brightening Mask

If you guys are anything like me then you love a good DIY face mask. The more recipes I find the happier I am. The very first DIY recipe I found about three years ago to this day is my favorite. It only includes two ingredients and most importantly, IT WORKS! Here is my favorite D.I.Y. Skin Brightening Mask.



D.I.Y. skin brightening mask


The Ingredients :

Lemon : Lemon serves as a natural bleach for the skin, it will help to lighten and even out any dark spots on the skin as a result of acne scars , breakouts, etc.

Honey : The honey in this case is a great moisturizer it helps retain the skins moisture and elasticity. It’s also helps smooth the skin.


To Use: Mix 2 tbsp. juice from a fresh lemon , with 2 tbsp of organic raw honey. Apply the mixture to a clean face and let sit 10-15 minutes. Wash away with cool water, be careful not to RUB the skin , also be careful not to let the mixture get into your eyes. After you’ve cleaned the mix from your face, moisturize with coconut oil.

Store any of the unused mixture in the refrigerator, use within 10 days.

You will see a small change immediately , by the next day you’ll see that your skin is glowing!


And there you have it , a D.I.Y. Skin Brightening Mask using only 2 ingredients. Do you have any great DIY masks? Share them in the comments!

Skincare Products for Kids

As adults we’re always looking for the best of the best skincare products to use. If you’re anything like me then you’ve been on an all natural craze and I’ve literally been obsessing over anything to do with coconut oil, lemon and baking soda.  I started to think the other morning while I was getting my 8 year old son ready for school, he was using lotion on his face (something I would never use on mine). It got me thinking (and searching) for Skincare Products for Kids , here’s what I found.

  1. Burt’s Bees – now we all know Burt’s Bees for their natural lip balm but they also have a natural line of products for kids. With products from ointment to body wash and prices as low as $6 Burt’s Bees products are worth a try.


2.Sun Sum Baby : A natural sunscreen for kids because we all know that it’s a must to protect the little ones (as well as ours.) skin whenever exposed to the sun. The sunscreen is under $20 and there’s also a sunscreen stick to assist with little spots.


3. Mustela Products : Mustela is a french brand that offers luxurious, hypoallergenic and paraben free products for your little one. This collection is a little more on the pricey side but the unmatched formula is well worth the price.


4. California Baby – California Baby offers a line of organic , plant based products for kids. They have products ranging from lotion, to bubble bath, to body wash. Their products are also more on the higher price side but they’re also well worth the price and comes in pretty large quantities.


5. Beauty Counter – The brand Beauty Counter has released a baby bundle collection , a trio of products featuring a body wash, body balm, and body soothing oil. The formulas include coconut, jojoba and sunflower oil. The trio set is $54 Which saves you about $2 if purchased separately.

baby bundle collection

Please comment if you have any great product suggestions for kids!

Baby Shower Gift Guide under $25

It seems like over the next few months I’ve got a ton of baby showers coming up. With so many baby showers rolling around there’s going to be a lot of gift buying going on and of course this can get pricey. I’ve been searching around for some pocket friendly gift ideas and I’ve come up with a list , a Baby Shower Gift Guide under $25 . These are all gifts I think any new mom will appreciate.


  1. Munchkin Mist Baby Wipe Warmer $24.86




2. Obersee Voila Changing Kit $19.99


3. Pearhead Milestone block set $14.95


4. Anthropologie Milestone Baby Cards $24.00

baby milestone cards

5.Kinsa Smart Thermometer $19.99


6. Lil’ Helpers Bottle Holder $13.99


7. Beaba Baby Food Freezer Tray $19.95


8. Infinity Nursing Scarf $12.97


9. Lebogner Stroller Organizer $17.96


10. Wubbanub Pacifier Giraffe $14.00


And for any expectant moms viewing this post , I recommend creating a registry at Target, I have a friend who just registered there and received a 15% off discount for completing her registry.



Have any cool gift ideas , please share with us!

4 Benefits of Adult Coloring

By now you’ve probably heard of or seen the adult coloring pages. The inner kid in me was immediately intrigued when I first learned of the adult coloring pages. I purchased a coloring book to take to work with me and keep at my desk. It’s been such a blast , and it could be just me but it seems like using the coloring book has been helping my day go by a little quicker. I decided to look into the coloring books a little more and found out there are some great benefits to using them. Check out these 4 Benefits of Adult Coloring.

  1. It Reduces Stress : Yes , coloring is a meditative activity that can be therapeutic when your mind is solely focused on the picture. It can also help you handle stressful situations better in the future.
  2. It helps you focus : While you’re focusing on your coloring page your mind zones in specifically on the picture you’re creating. Your mind will close out everything happening in the outside world while your creativity takes over.
  3. Encourages your creativity : of course when you’re coloring your mind is thinking of the different color schemes and patterns that you can use. With the endless possibilities looming to make your coloring a masterpiece your creativity is sure to shine through.
  4. Helps you feel like a kid again : I mean who doesn’t love to tap into their inner child? I know I do and there’s nothing more therapeutic than that if you ask me.

Here are some suggestions to help you get started.

Stress Relieving Patterns


Secret Garden Treasure Hunt


Stress Relieving patterns and Designs


Beautiful Women of the World


If you have any suggestions please share!

3 Detox Baths To Help You Relax

After you’ve had a long hectic day, there’s nothing better than settling in and having a nice hot relaxing bath. Sometimes though, we need a little more than hot water and bubbles to rejuvenate us and give us back out spunk. I have rounded up a list of 3 Detox Baths to Help You Relax and make you feel brand new.

Keep in mind : These are DETOX baths, so please be sure to drink plenty of water before your bath because you will be sweating out those toxins. Also , these baths simply won’t work if you’re bathing in contaminated water. I would suggest using a water filter in your bath tub. I use this water filter on my shower head and just fill up the tub with the shower.Also drink pl

Lavender Detox Bath

1. Lavender Detox Bath : Lavender is one of the greatest essential oils as far as benefits are concerned. The smell of the lavender will help you relax and De-stress , be careful not to fall asleep..it’s that good. The Epsom salt is going to be what helps draw the toxins from your body. The baking soda will soften the skin and help balance the body’s pH balance.

To use : Mix 1 cup Epsom salt , 1 cup baking soda, with 10 drops of lavender oil in a mason jar or jar of your choice. When you are ready pour the mixture into your warm running bath water. Swirl into the water with your hand as you pour it in. Once your tub is filled sit in the water for about 20-40 minutes. Light some candles and relax.

green tea detox bath

2. Green Tea Detox Bath : One of my favorite, the green tea bath is amazing. The Green tea  is an amazing healing agent , it’s also provides you with more energy , provides antioxidants and can help lower cholesterol levels. The Epsom salt plays it’s usual detoxing part. The sea salt is also a detoxifying agent that aids in

To Use : After filling up tub with warm water, place about 7-10 (depending on size of tub) green tea bags into your water allow to steep for about 15 minutes before removing the tea bags. Next add 1 cup of Epsom salt with one half cup of sea salt. You can mix in about 8 drops of your favorite essential oils.  Mix into the water with your hand. Slip into the tub and relax about 20-40 minutes.

detox milk bath

3. Detox Milk Bath : This is by far my favorite bath! I love getting my Cleopatra on and soaking in a nice warm milk bath. The powdered coconut milk , for starters is going to smell amazing, it also will make your skin so soft you wont believe it. Baking soda is going to do it’s usual job. The corn starch is going to sooth any irritation you’ve got going on with your skin and really will work as a partner to the milk. Please do yourself a favor and try this bath.

To use : Mix 1 cup powdered coconut milk, with 1/2 cup baking soda , and 1/2 cup corn starch, you can also add in about 5-10 drops of your favorite essential oil. Place into a mason jar or any jar you choose until you’re ready to use. When you’re ready to use pour a cup of the mix into your warm running water, swish around with your hand. Now , soak , relax and let this milk bath take you away.

These are my favorite 3 detox baths to help you relax. If you have you’re own I’d love to hear about them so I can try!

3 detox baths to help you relax

10 Must Have Apps for Moms

As moms we’re always busy , and there’s always something to do. There’s always some list or task that needs to be created. Most times it seems as if we need an assistant to help keep track of it all. For the times when you make feel overwhelmed I’ve got good news, there’s an app for that. Here’s my list of 10 must have apps for moms.

  1. My Pregnancy Today by Baby Center: This app is perfect for expectant mothers, it offers expert tips and advice for a healthy pregnancy, learn how your body is changing, See what your baby should look like   month and you can even connect with other moms who are due around the same times as you.


my pregnancy app

2. 50,000 baby names :I think the name pretty much gives it away, if you’re expecting and don’t yet have your baby’s name picked out this app is sure to help. You can also connect with friends and family on this app and have them share their favorite names with you.

50000 baby names



3. Mom Maps – This app is great, it helps find fun and kid friendly places wherever you are. This includes parks, restaurants , museums and playgrounds. There’s also reviews from other moms for most locations.


mom maps.jpg


4. Cozi : Remember when I said sometimes we need a personal assistant? Well Cozi is like an assistant in your pocket. It helps organize everything from doctor’s appointments and  chores for each individual family member, meal plans, grocery lists and more. Cozi is like the app that does it all.

cozi app


5. Wunderlist : Wunderlist allows you to create any list from grocery, chores or a simple to do. You can also share your lists with family and friends




6.Chore Monster : Create chores for your child/children that they can earn points for once they’ve completed. There’s a version for you and then a version for your child so that they can see all of their chores and complete them. This app is great and it makes doing chores actually fun for your child.

chore monster

7.Target Cartwheel : This app offers EXCLUSIVE savings at Target. I don’t know what I would do without my cartwheel app. There’s so many deals to choose from, all you have to do is add them to your list and then have the cashier scan your barcode at the check out line, voila instant savings.

cartwheel by target

8. Retail Me Not : Literally thousands of coupons in your pocket. Whenever I’m shopping online I first go to Retail Me Not to check for coupon codes.Very rarely do I leave without a coupon. Trust me you need this app.

Retail me Not

9. Food Planner : This app is great, it allows you to import recipes from your favorite sites and then create meal plans based on those recipes. You can create grocery lists automatically from the recipes. Track your kitchen inventory and more.

food planner app

10. My Fitness Pal : It’s like your digital food journal. Add your foods to your daily tracker, the app will keep count of how many calories you have consumed so far and how many you have remaining until you’ve reached your limit for the day. My favorite thing about this app is that you can scan the bar code and it will generate all of the nutrition facts to factor into your daily intake. This app is perfect for those of us trying to watch our weight.

my fitness pal

These are my top ten, if you have some others that are a must have please share them!

Ten must have apps for moms